Feelosophy Xotic Soothing Face Mask

Feelosophy is an in-store brand for one of the Pharmacy chains here in Norway, Apotek1. I usually buy sheet masks but this was on sale for 10 NOK (a bit over a dollar) so I thought like “why not”. If it didn’t work out, it wouldn’t have been too much of a loss anyways since it was so cheap. Most masks like these that I’ve seen cost around 25 NOK.

This one in particular smells like strawberries and vanilla. The consistency is very thick, but the coloring was a bit odd. It was as if it had a slight metallic sheen, or well, you know the color regular chewing gum ends up with? It looked a bit strange. It did smell quite nice though, and it’s meant to be soothing for the skin, something I found it to be.  It says on the package to keep it on the face for 10-15 minutes, I had it on for the full 15 and it made my skin feel kind of weird. It tingled a little bit, I’m not sure if a soothing mask is supposed to do that. It didn’t really turn red, but after I washed it off, my skin felt kind of tight. I had to put on a moisturizer afterwards for it to turn back to ‘normal’.

It’s not a bad mask, by all means, but it’s not the best I’ve ever tried. There are others, both from H&M or a shop called VITA that are around the same price range as this is without the discount, and those work a lot better. This one is meant to be a weekly/bi weekly treatment but I don’t think that I will try it again since it made my skin feel so tight. It doesn’t really claim to be overly hydrating but it shouldn’t make my skin react in that way honestly.

Have you tried any good face masks lately? Where did you buy them from and how did they work for you?


I Heart Revolution Surprise Mermaid Egg


I have always loved color when it comes to make up, but I have never really been brave enough to wear it out. I mostly just go for gray or brown ish eye shadow, and save the more colorful looks just for photos and whatnot. So I kinda went out of my comfort zone when I purchased this egg, mostly because it has two bright blues, two green/teal shades and one copper shade. Lucky for me, I ended up loving it. So..

What is it and what does it do?

It is an egg shaped make up container, and I think they released about six of them at first. Now they only have two left, this Surprise Mermaid one, and a Surprise Unicorn one. I remember seeing one called Surprise Dragon or something like that too, it’s a shame I couldn’t get it. Basically it’s an egg shaped palette that contains five eye shadows and two highlighter shades. Sadly one of the highlighters broke apart during transit so that was a bummer, but I honestly don’t use highlighter that often anyways.


I added a little bit of it to the tip of my nose but you can’t really see it thanks to the angle. What I also discovered, is that thanks to the sun, the Makeup Revolution Fast Base foundation I reviewed before doesn’t match me. So I can’t use it until my very slight tan goes away. I was more red than tanned in this picture but you get the deal. A lot of the freckles are fake too, I just like to add some extra because mine are really uneven. But as you can see, the Eye shadows are really vibrant! I used a dry brush to apply the darkest green in the crease, and the same with the teal shade on the lid, and also a bit along the lower lash line, fading it out with the darker green. No primers, no water or anything, and it lasted for quite some hours. It would probably look even better with an eye shadow primer.


So yeah, I really like this little egg, and I would have loved for them to still have the older ones in stock. It only cost about £5 too so it wasn’t too expensive. Have you tried any of their eggs before? If so, what did you think of them? Were they pigmented like this one? I would love to know.

The Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation

I found a way to compromise when it comes to reviews. Instead of mindlessly spending money on shit for a review’s sake, I’ll just review things I do end up loving, and they’re just gonna be random purchases that aren’t for the blog’s sake, but for me. I do love reading other people’s opinion on things, that’s why I don’t want to completely give up on reviews. Anyway, today I want to talk about the MUR Fast Base foundation stick.

What is it, and what does it do?


It is a stick foundation, claiming to leave your complexion perfect, with a dewy finish. They have 18 shades, going from the neutral F1 to the very deep F18. F1 is like white sand, while F18 is like a warm dark chocolate. It’s great that they have such a wide range of shades. I got F1, since it has a neutral undertone. I don’t really think I’m yellow or pink, so neutral it was. It’s super pale so it fits me perfectly. At first, I didn’t think it had too much coverage because it kinda just looked like “my skin but better”, but I decided to try to cover up the bruises on my arm from the surgery I had last week, and boy did it work! You can still see the little mark where the Veniflon for the anesthetics pierced my skin, but the bruises are pretty much completely gone.

I’m glad I could go out without anyone thinking I had stabbed myself with a needle or similar. It also works well on my face, hiding any redness that my cheeks have whenever it gets warmer than 10 degrees Celsius. There’s also quite a bit in the tube. I didn’t twist it all the way up in the picture because I was scared of it breaking off accidentally. I have all black furniture so super pale foundation spots wouldn’t really fit in there. It is fairly easy to remove from the skin and lasts all day if you set it properly. I use a banana powder from NYX and it keeps it in place. In the picture below I’ve worn it pretty much all day.


So yeah, I only have praise for the foundation. And it’s only £5, so it’s definitely a bargain! I think they will have shades for just about anyone. Have you tried this foundation before? What do you think of it?