“Rapture” review

6852063Rapture is written by John Shirley and it is a prequel for the video game series “Bioshock”. It’s set as a prequel for the first game, giving us insight to how the city of Rapture came to be, plus background on a lot of the characters mentioned and seen in the games.

In the novel we are introduced to a variety of people, the most notable being Andrew Ryan, the founder of Rapture. We get to learn about his background in Russia, his journey to the US and how he began the building of the underwater city. Because of that, we are introduced to an array of people, some notable ones are McDonagh, who goes from being a plumber to an overall handyman in the new city. Then there’s also Fontaine, who plays a major role in the video game.

The novel is not as action filled as the game, obviously, because there is a lot of information that is being relayed, but it’s not uneventful. We get to learn about how the little sisters came to be, how they ended up making plasmids, why the splicers exist and why they are so ugly. It really shows you what can happen if you let science go too far. There’s also some parts about doctor Steinman, a crazy plastic surgeon who always strives to create the perfect face.. Some about Diane McClintock, Ryans mistress, who is featured throughout the game through the audio diaries. Reading the novel helped with making sense of all of those, and the haunting memory flashbacks that can be triggered in certain locations. We also get to know the background for Jasmine Jolene, who has a memory sequence that implies she was murdered by Andrew Ryan himself for aborting her child and giving it to Fontaine, Ryans bitter rival.

It’s not a fun, entertaining read in that sense, the things that happen in the book are quite dark, but if you have played the games and you’re interested in what lead up to Raptures downfall, I would definitely recommend reading this. I thoroughly enjoyed it and struggled to put it down every time I read a part of it. I rated this 5/5 stars on Goodreads. Have you read any books related to video games before?


Something I’m looking forward to: Atomic Heart


I’ve basically just been blabbering about the Bioshock games for the past month to both friends and internet friends and it’s probably driving them crazy.. So it doesn’t help their case that there’s a game in development that gives people serious Bioshock vibes. It’s a game developed by a Russian company called Mundfish, and the game itself is called Atomic Heart.

The game is a shooter (FPS as it’s called), set in an alternative universe where the Soviet Union is at its peak. There’s automatons and other hecking creepy creatures and it both scares and excites me at the same time. I’d definitely recommend checking out the trailer below if you’re interesting in those kind of games. I can’t wait for it to be released, honestly. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t have any specific dates just yet, but hopefully soon enough. And hopefully I can afford it when it’s released.

Have you played the Bioshock games? Do you get a Bioshock vibe from this? Let me know! I know a lot of people over at reddit (r/gaming) were very excited when the trailer was posted, that’s where I first read about it too.

What to do on a weekend

This weekend everyone had time off on both Sunday and Monday so it has been quite the long weekend overall. As I’m still recovering from surgery I’m pretty much restricted from leaving the house still, but I can at least enjoy the weather out on the.. porch? Veranda? I don’t know what it’s called in English. I spend part of my day sitting outside, having a burger and some soda for lunch, because I haven’t had that in ages. I also spent some time reading a book called Rapture, based on the Bioshock games series. It counts as an official prequel. I talked about how much I love Bioshock in my April summary post. The book basically shows you how the city of Rapture came to be. I think it’s quite interesting so far, will post a review once I finish it.


Overall I just had a really relaxed weekend, spent it cuddling the cats and just enjoying the sunshine for once. It was a tiny bit windy but it really helped keeping me from getting completely fried by the sun. What have you done over the weekend? Anything exciting? Also did you have Monday off too?

What makes you want to read a book?

Image result for bioshock rapture gif

That’s something I have been thinking about a lot lately. After I finished playing through the Bioshock series over the past week, I was interested in learning more about the fictional city called Rapture and how it ended up on the bottom of the ocean. Luckily, there is a novel written where they talk about Rapture and how it came to be and I immediately purchased it online. In many ways, video games inspire me to read more. I’ve read most, if not all of the books related to the Dragon Age series, the books related to Metro, a book related to the Elder Scrolls series and so on. It must be the great world building that makes me interested in knowing more about it.

When it comes to other types of books, I usually go for fantasy or adventure type books, mostly because I love dreaming about other worlds and realities.. But I can also enjoy a good non fiction book. But what makes you choose a book? That’s what I’m really curious about. Do you choose specific genres? Or specific authors? Like maybe just female or maybe just male? Do you prefer fiction or non fiction? Please let me know because I’m really curious. Do you ever choose or judge a book based on it’s literal cover?

April 2018 summary

Some things I have been loving this month, which includes


I fell fast and quite hard a few months back and it has been a constant love since then. Got concert tickets booked for October, looking forward to that. His new album dropped in the middle of April and it’s great. This still remains one of my favorites though, from his first album.


The Bioshock series

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Been playing through Bioshock 1, most of Bioshock 2.. I say most because towards the very end the game kept glitching and crashing and it was literally unplayable.. Then I started Bioshock Infinite and I’m a couple of hours into that one. They’re quite interesting, and they really make me question our reality and what our world will evolve into in the future. Though I would not recommend the games if you can’t handle jumpscares, or little girls. It is quite creepy indeed.


My new succulents


They’re quite adorable! And they were quite expensive but I was in dire need of new plants because most of mine had gotten so old and just couldn’t go on anymore. They all fit nicely in my window sill and I look forward to watching them grow.

I’ve been trying to read more but I’m in a real slump still.. I’ve probably read about four chapters of a book and that’s it for April. it really sucks, I hope I want to read again soon because I miss it a lot.

What have you loved in April?