Sometimes happiness comes in a small box

So this week my sister got herself a kitten! She has been wanting one ever since she moved to the city. She has one living with us but driving back and forth to visit was tedious, and she was feeling lonely out there.. So the solution was for her to adopt one herself! Luckily the “landlord” or whatever it’s called let her have one in her condo. (The reason she can’t bring her own is that our three cats have been living together for over a decade so it would be cruel to break them apart). It’s so cute and fluffy. We thought initially it would have rather short fur, but she’s growing up to be such a ball of fluff. I don’t really know what else to say about her because she’s just absolutely adorable. Say hello to baby Luna.


When mother nature pulls through

The other day I posted about how the winter can be so unforgiving, since it had killed off most of the plants in our little garden spot.. But luckily it seems that more plants have survived because today I could see fresh leaves on one of the tiny bushes. That makes me really happy, I was scared I would have wasted all that money on nothing. I spent most of the morning cleaning up the garden plot and most of what is left and newly planted seems to grow fine so that’s great. One of my cats decided he wanted to help too, but brushing against the plants didn’t do much sadly. I’m just glad none of them have decided to use the little plot as their private bathroom. Hoping I won’t jinx it.

I also received the cutest wristwatch in the mail today. I bought it so long ago, it took literally ages to reach me, and the clock was already running so I have no idea just how long the battery has been in use.. I thought it was customary for all wristwatches to come with a plastic tab to avoid them from activating while they are in transit? I guess not. It’s really pretty though. It has a black somewhat glittery clock face, the hands are pure white and the hand counting seconds has a tiny crescent moon at one end. I love it.


My camera did not want to focus on the hands at all so that was the best I could do. I just love how dainty the hands look. Do you usually wear watches? I think I had a few when I was a kid but I’ve never had like a “real” watch.

I’m kinda happy spring is here?

Spring, to me, is either lovely days full of rain or sunny days filled with pollen. As soon as I go outside, my eyes start itching and my nose runs and it’s just awful at times. But I do enjoy the sunshine. Rainy days are when I can freely move outside without pollen affecting me but then I can’t go barefoot, and I can’t sit in the grass and play with my cats or anything.


What I do love to do when it rains though is to bake, or play video games if I can find one interesting enough.. Over the past week I’ve finished three games, I mentioned them in my April summary post. I’ll probably go a few days before I’ll be in the mood to play again.

I also try to read a lot because listening to the rain when I read is the most soothing and calming thing there is. I could probably just find the rainymood website to get some ambient raining sounds but nothing beats the real deal.

If I’m not in the mood to read, I often end up cleaning. I don’t know why but cleaning is almost like therapy to me because it feels so nice afterwards. Like the home is clean, my soul is soothed and I can just relax with a clean conscience. I know not everyone likes to clean but I would definitely recommend you to try sometime. And don’t just save every chore for a free Sunday afternoon. Did you know it feels more rewarding to finish cleaning on a Friday and then have the whole weekend free to do what you want? It took me too long to figure that one out.

Oh well, didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant about cleaning when I meant to just talk about spring. I don’t really know why I wanted to talk about it either, I guess I’m trying out new things! “New” blog, new me, isn’t that what they say?