Restarting a bullet journal

I used to have a bullet journal before but I fell out of the habit, mostly because when I had to go on this extended sick leave, all I ever did was just to go to appointments at the doctors office or at the hospital. But I thought now as I was getting closer to the uni acceptance date and uni in general, I could start over and make it my own again. It’s always nice to have a notebook to write things down in whenever you need them. I found this cute one for 50 NOK, that’s like £4, I think. It was originally a sketchbook but I thought since it had black pages it would be perfect for keeping a journal in it. It’s a tiny bit wider than a A6 notebook.


I really like the golden dragonfly on the front of it too! Before when I used to have a journal, I always had super intricate and complicated designs. This time around I’ll stick to a simple theme, a bit celestial and using different colors for different weeks. And keeping small weekly trackers instead of having one massive page for habit trackers.


I’m really happy with how it looks so far and I hope I’ll be able to incorporate the habit of using it again like how I did before. Do you keep a journal? Do you care about elaborate weekly spreads or do you have a minimalist approach to it? I always find elaborate ones to look so so pretty but it’s honestly a hassle to keep up and try to make every weekly spread look gorgeous.