Some lazy summery days

It has been so incredibly warm lately.. Every day, the temperatures have creeped up to between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius during the day.. Which is not normal temperatures here in Norway. Usually we get like 25-30 degrees during a really hot summer day. So it’s safe to say that we are kind of suffering during this heatwave. I can’t even keep my computer on during the day because it ventilates the hot air and turns my bedroom into a fan oven. Not fun at all. So I’ve been spending some of my days, when I’m not feeling sick from the antibiotics I’m taking, outside in the shade. One of my cats usually join me, I watch the plants grow, I read, or just play with the cats. They love chasing grass or thin sticks.


The little garden plot is coming along nicely. We had to toss out a few dead plants but what is left there, and has been planted new, is thriving. One of the bushes I planted last year has grown twice as big as it was, and the thyme herb I planted has expanded quite a bit too. It wasn’t happy in the window sill so I put it outside where it could get more sun. The succulent I had got killed by some malicious snails who just wouldn’t leave it alone.


I feel kinda sorry for my cats though, at least this one since he’s super fluffy and his fur is very black so he absorbs all of the heat. I’m just glad it’s more cold inside so he has a place to escape the heat. I noticed him laying on the floor in front of the air conditioning unit to cool down so I’m glad he’s smart enough to do that.


I had to go into town to pick up my antibiotics prescription a little while back, and I actually went to a cafe for once. I rarely ever dare to eat in public.. Not that it really was a success now, I took two bites and saved the rest for later. At least I tried? It was nice to get out of the house, even if it was just for a couple of hours. But boy, does it get warm to hop around on crutches in this weather.

Are you experiencing a heatwave too? How are you coping with it? Or what is the weather like where you live? I hope we return to normal temperatures soon because I’m absolutely not built for handling up to 40 degrees. I enjoy a comfortable 20, assuming that it’s gonna be a tiny bit windy.