Real Neat Blog Award Tag

Thank you so much to Halsdoll for nominating me for this one! If you want to read rants about video games I’d recommend checking out her blog. Now, onto the questions.. I’ll leave a list of them at the bottom so that you can answer them too if you want to. I don’t really know who I would nominate for this so if you want to do it, feel free to do so.

  1. What is your earliest gaming memory?
    I remember playing on my brother’s Nintendo 64, playing Super Mario 64 and Beetle Adventure Racing. It was really fun, and I was the first of us to finish Super Mario too.
  2. When did you start blogging and why?
    I started blogging on this platform in May of 2016, I just wanted a place where I could share my thoughts and reviews on things. I never imagined my blog would grow to nearly 800 followers. It might not be much to most people but it is a lot to me.
  3. What feature did you wish any of your consoles had that they currently dont?
    Hmm, maybe like a holographic/hologram interface? Kinda like Jarvis in the Iron Man movies.
  4. Name a movie that you wish had a video game made after it and what  developer would you want to make it and why?
    I don’t watch a lot of movies so I’m not really sure. But there are a few games I would have loved to see as movies, like the dragon age games or elder scrolls, for example.
  5. Do you have a games room/corner? If so, let us see it and show your favorite thing in there?
    I don’t, sadly. I totally will have when I have my own place to live though.
  6. Do you have a child or a pet? Which character do you name it after?
    I have two cats but neither are named after video game characters. I used to have a betta fish that was named after Vincent Valentine.
  7. What keeps you going when gaming?
    My wish to escape reality for a while. And if I’m playing scary games it’s just the adrenaline fueling me, to be honest.

Here’s the questions so you can copy them too.

  1. What is your earliest gaming memory?
  2. When did you start blogging and why?
  3. What feature did you wish any of your consoles had that they currently dont?
  4. Name a movie that you wish had a video game made after it and what  developer would you want to make it and why?
  5. Do you have a games room/corner? If so, let us see it and show your favorite thing in there?
  6. Do you have a child or a pet? Which character do you name it after?
  7. What keeps you going when gaming?

Be still my heart

Sooo the Bethesda E3 panel happened while I was sleeping and I woke up to several trailers from game franchises I love, and I’m so excited! Although Fallout 76 will be multiplayer, you will still have the opportunity to play solo.. but I don’t know if he mention offline play, maybe just solo on a server.. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what it will be like.


Then there was also a trailer for a new Elder Scrolls game. It’s my absolute favorite game franchise of all time and I’m so happy that they’re finally going to make a new game. The trailer is very vague and I’m not sure if I recognize the landscape in it but I was hoping for Valenwood. It’s quite clear now that it won’t happen. Looking forward to seeing what it will become either way.


And lastly, something I found to be so funny, a “Skyrim: Very special edition” trailer. People always poke fun at them, saying they’ll release Skyrim on anything that can play it and this reflects just that. I’m glad they have a sense of humor about it.


Have you been looking forward to anything special being announced at E3? What do you think about the panels/announcements so far? I’ve honestly just been waiting for Bethesda’s panel and I’m so happy with what they announced.

Playing through my steam library #1 – A

I got the idea for this from a series on YouTube called Steam Train where they try to play through everything on their steam account. I have way too many games anyways so it is a bit ambitious of me to take this one but I’ll give it a go. I won’t be playing through sandbox/strategy games because some of them never end, and it would take ages. So, I suppose this is just notes for myself, so I can look back and see which games I did play, which ones I enjoyed and not. If I didn’t like the game, I have most likely removed it from my steam library for good so this will be like a cleanup too.

Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends

Image result for alchemy mysteries prague legends steam

It’s a point and click puzzle game, set in Prague. You play as Eva, the long lost daughter of some Nobleman who has been tricked to come to Prague. You then discover some devious plot where a man has been brought to life and so on and so forth. The voice acting wasn’t great, the visuals were okay and the puzzles weren’t too demanding. Could be better, but I have also played worse games. I’ll give it a 4/10.


Image result for alternativa steam

Another game set in Prague, but this time in an apocalyptic-ish world. It’s another point and click game and I can’t really say I got into it all that much. It just wasn’t interesting enough to catch my attention. The voice acting for the main character was okay but the rest wasn’t as good. I’ll have to give it a 3/10.

Anna: Extended Edition

Image result for anna extended edition steam

This is another puzzle game, but it’s more of a walking simulator/exploration game. The visuals are great, the story is kinda creepy and it has multiple endings. Some require very specific things to be done while others can happen on accident, so it does kind of have some replay value. It is a bit slow though so for me it’s just mediocre. I’ll give it a 5/10.


Image result for anodyne steam

Anodyne is a pixel graphic rpg/puzzle game. Basically you go through quests and solve various puzzles, and it’s a really charming game. It’s not the best in the world but it has its strong points. I’ll give it a 6/10.


Image result for antichamber steam

This is a super trippy game where you move from room to room, and every room will change around you. It’s kinda psychedelic, kinda fun and you always end up in the most random rooms. It does kinda give me a headache though but it’s alright. 5/10.

Arcane Worlds

Image result for arcane worlds steam

This is like a sandbox exploration and crafting game. What separates it from other games like this is that you fly, and you collect mana to craft spells who in turn creates objects in your world. It’s not bad, it’s still in Alpha though so it’s by no means a finished game. I’ll give it a 5/10 for now.

ArcaniA: Fall of Setarrif

Image result for arcania fall of setarrif steam

ArcaniA feels like one of those old school rpg games. The graphics are outdated, the controls are a bit wonky but it is a solid game. It could use some improvements though so for that I’ll give it like a 4/10. If they remade it I’m sure it would be awesome.

Arx Fatalis

Image result for arx fatalis steam

I remember why I haven’t played this one now.. It literally won’t launch. 0/10

Aura: Fate of the Ages

Image result for aura fate of the ages

This is an old point and click / adventure game. The graphics are super dated, the controls are a bit bad but it was entertaining to play. It’s mostly just clicking on machines and figuring out symbols and colors and whatnot to make it work. It’s not the best game I’ve played but also not the worst. I’ll give it a 4/10.


Image result for avencast steam

Avencast is a game about a magic school, where a mage has to do classes, then help defend the school when demons attack. It looks super dated and the dialogue isn’t too great. But it was good back in the day when it came out, it just hasn’t aged well. 4/10

Aviary Attorney

Image result for aviary attorney steam

This is a game inspired by Ace Attorney. It has a visual novel kind of style where everything seems to be hand drawn. You play as JayJay Falcon, an attorney whose work is to gather evidence and defend various clients in court. It’s quite humorous and plays well. I’ll give it an 8/10.