What to do on a weekend

This weekend everyone had time off on both Sunday and Monday so it has been quite the long weekend overall. As I’m still recovering from surgery I’m pretty much restricted from leaving the house still, but I can at least enjoy the weather out on the.. porch? Veranda? I don’t know what it’s called in English. I spend part of my day sitting outside, having a burger and some soda for lunch, because I haven’t had that in ages. I also spent some time reading a book called Rapture, based on the Bioshock games series. It counts as an official prequel. I talked about how much I love Bioshock in my April summary post. The book basically shows you how the city of Rapture came to be. I think it’s quite interesting so far, will post a review once I finish it.


Overall I just had a really relaxed weekend, spent it cuddling the cats and just enjoying the sunshine for once. It was a tiny bit windy but it really helped keeping me from getting completely fried by the sun. What have you done over the weekend? Anything exciting? Also did you have Monday off too?