The Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation

I found a way to compromise when it comes to reviews. Instead of mindlessly spending money on shit for a review’s sake, I’ll just review things I do end up loving, and they’re just gonna be random purchases that aren’t for the blog’s sake, but for me. I do love reading other people’s opinion on things, that’s why I don’t want to completely give up on reviews. Anyway, today I want to talk about the MUR Fast Base foundation stick.

What is it, and what does it do?


It is a stick foundation, claiming to leave your complexion perfect, with a dewy finish. They have 18 shades, going from the neutral F1 to the very deep F18. F1 is like white sand, while F18 is like a warm dark chocolate. It’s great that they have such a wide range of shades. I got F1, since it has a neutral undertone. I don’t really think I’m yellow or pink, so neutral it was. It’s super pale so it fits me perfectly. At first, I didn’t think it had too much coverage because it kinda just looked like “my skin but better”, but I decided to try to cover up the bruises on my arm from the surgery I had last week, and boy did it work! You can still see the little mark where the Veniflon for the anesthetics pierced my skin, but the bruises are pretty much completely gone.

I’m glad I could go out without anyone thinking I had stabbed myself with a needle or similar. It also works well on my face, hiding any redness that my cheeks have whenever it gets warmer than 10 degrees Celsius. There’s also quite a bit in the tube. I didn’t twist it all the way up in the picture because I was scared of it breaking off accidentally. I have all black furniture so super pale foundation spots wouldn’t really fit in there. It is fairly easy to remove from the skin and lasts all day if you set it properly. I use a banana powder from NYX and it keeps it in place. In the picture below I’ve worn it pretty much all day.


So yeah, I only have praise for the foundation. And it’s only £5, so it’s definitely a bargain! I think they will have shades for just about anyone. Have you tried this foundation before? What do you think of it?




Sometimes introversion is a burden

I wish I liked spending time with people at all times. I wish I liked talking to or texting people every day, that I got energy from it and that it makes me happy. But it doesn’t. It drains every ounce of energy that I have, and leaves me feeling like a empty shell. A husk, if you will. People have always told me to keep people close at all times because that’s what makes you happy, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I thrive in solitude, I grow when I’m alone and get to cater to my own feelings. Getting to plan my day just for me is a blessing, spending it however I wish. Being able to grocery shop without anyone really trying to talk to me helps me with having the best day ever. I wish people could understand that I don’t hate them, I just can’t handle staying in touch every single day. I don’t work like they do, I need space, and I will more than willing give them space in return. I wish I wasn’t like this, but that’s how it is. I wish I was different, but I can’t be. I don’t know how, at least.

Life update #2

I had a planned surgery on May 15th, and as far as I know, it went well. I’m currently spending most of my days on the couch with my feet up high, hoping the wound will heal quickly. I had to get a couple of stitches so I hope it’ll go well. Getting them removed at the end of the month so looking forward to that. I’ll probably be stuck with crutches or a light wheelchair for a long time but that’s fine with me. I just hope the wound will heal completely, I’ve had a chronic wound for almost two decades so if it goes away then that will be great.

Apart from that, I’ve actually been reading more lately! I think my love for reading got rekindled after I found a page where I could download a lot of PDF’s, so I got to explore new books and new genres. I’ve read through three books in just a few weeks so I feel really accomplished.

As for anything else, my life has been put on pause while I heal so I don’t get to do many physical things. I worked out a lot before the surgery but I can’t do that now since I can’t put any weight on my left foot. So any workout goals will have to wait.

I guess not too much has happened so there isn’t much to talk about. I’m just glad I’m finished with the surgery and I can’t wait to see how it turned out.

Building a shelf

For ages, I’ve been wanting one of those gorgeous triangular shelves that are all over pinterest, so I decided that I was going to build one myself. I had some leftover planks from my old bed, and some dark wood stain so I thought like why not make it out of that? If you’ve read my “What I do on a rainy day” post, you’ve seen these planks already. I stained them, let them dry for a few days before cutting them into equally long pieces. To make that work as a triangle, the corners need to be 30 degrees.

I got my dad to help me cut and measure, because I am super clumsy and would probably have cut my fingers off if I tried to do it myself. Originally I wanted clean corners, but the planks were too thin so they would have split in half when nailing them together. Luckily dad is experienced with building things so he made separate angles to attack the planks to. I really like how it looks. I might have to stain the corners too, but it’s not the worst look in the world with some natural wood in there. I’m just happy the shelf is functional. It’s probably a bit wonky but I love it. Most of my furniture is old anyways so it fits right in.


Have you built anything before?

Sometimes happiness comes in a small box

So this week my sister got herself a kitten! She has been wanting one ever since she moved to the city. She has one living with us but driving back and forth to visit was tedious, and she was feeling lonely out there.. So the solution was for her to adopt one herself! Luckily the “landlord” or whatever it’s called let her have one in her condo. (The reason she can’t bring her own is that our three cats have been living together for over a decade so it would be cruel to break them apart). It’s so cute and fluffy. We thought initially it would have rather short fur, but she’s growing up to be such a ball of fluff. I don’t really know what else to say about her because she’s just absolutely adorable. Say hello to baby Luna.