Finally some rain


I can think of at least one other nation from across the pond that behaves like us Norwegians when a heatwave hits us.. It’s awful, everything hurts, I don’t want to be outside and inside can never become cool enough to feel comfortable. We had a heatwave going for weeks and it honestly felt like hell. Norway is supposed to be on a comfortable level when it comes to temperatures, but no, we had over 30 degrees Celsius EVERY DAY. And it was so humid, it felt like the dry countryside had transformed into a rain forest. Luckily, over the last week or so it has been raining, very windy and generally feeling like autumn overall. Autumn is my favorite season in general so I’m very happy about this change. I’ve spent most of my time inside, trying to reduce my stash of Yankee candles. There was a sale going on so I went a bit crazy with it. This is about a fourth of what I have. My camera didn’t want to focus on anything so this was the best I could get. I guess I have too many things on my shelves.


Luckily, the rain also means that the garden plot is thriving. It was suffering quite a bit from the heat too, although it loved the sun, I had to water it twice a day to keep them from getting too dry. Same for our small lawn, it was getting so yellow in the beginning. The house is right next to a forest but sadly its on the ‘wrong’ side and doesn’t provide much shade when it’s so sunny. The sun rises behind it, and settles on the other side of the house so it gets really warm inside in the evenings. I wish it was the opposite way.


How has the weather been for you? 


Some lazy summery days

It has been so incredibly warm lately.. Every day, the temperatures have creeped up to between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius during the day.. Which is not normal temperatures here in Norway. Usually we get like 25-30 degrees during a really hot summer day. So it’s safe to say that we are kind of suffering during this heatwave. I can’t even keep my computer on during the day because it ventilates the hot air and turns my bedroom into a fan oven. Not fun at all. So I’ve been spending some of my days, when I’m not feeling sick from the antibiotics I’m taking, outside in the shade. One of my cats usually join me, I watch the plants grow, I read, or just play with the cats. They love chasing grass or thin sticks.


The little garden plot is coming along nicely. We had to toss out a few dead plants but what is left there, and has been planted new, is thriving. One of the bushes I planted last year has grown twice as big as it was, and the thyme herb I planted has expanded quite a bit too. It wasn’t happy in the window sill so I put it outside where it could get more sun. The succulent I had got killed by some malicious snails who just wouldn’t leave it alone.


I feel kinda sorry for my cats though, at least this one since he’s super fluffy and his fur is very black so he absorbs all of the heat. I’m just glad it’s more cold inside so he has a place to escape the heat. I noticed him laying on the floor in front of the air conditioning unit to cool down so I’m glad he’s smart enough to do that.


I had to go into town to pick up my antibiotics prescription a little while back, and I actually went to a cafe for once. I rarely ever dare to eat in public.. Not that it really was a success now, I took two bites and saved the rest for later. At least I tried? It was nice to get out of the house, even if it was just for a couple of hours. But boy, does it get warm to hop around on crutches in this weather.

Are you experiencing a heatwave too? How are you coping with it? Or what is the weather like where you live? I hope we return to normal temperatures soon because I’m absolutely not built for handling up to 40 degrees. I enjoy a comfortable 20, assuming that it’s gonna be a tiny bit windy.


Last night I had to say good bye to my oldest cat, after having him for nearly 17 years. Over the past month and a half, he has had a cyst on his neck that has just grown bigger and blocked his breathing. We couldn’t just stand around and let him suffer anymore so he was put down and boy does it hurt. I don’t think I’ve cried this much in years, and today my eyes are so dry and my body just doesn’t want to sleep or eat or anything. I’m just glad he doesn’t have to suffer anymore, poor thing could barely even make a sound. I’ll miss you buddy 😦


I Heart Revolution Surprise Mermaid Egg


I have always loved color when it comes to make up, but I have never really been brave enough to wear it out. I mostly just go for gray or brown ish eye shadow, and save the more colorful looks just for photos and whatnot. So I kinda went out of my comfort zone when I purchased this egg, mostly because it has two bright blues, two green/teal shades and one copper shade. Lucky for me, I ended up loving it. So..

What is it and what does it do?

It is an egg shaped make up container, and I think they released about six of them at first. Now they only have two left, this Surprise Mermaid one, and a Surprise Unicorn one. I remember seeing one called Surprise Dragon or something like that too, it’s a shame I couldn’t get it. Basically it’s an egg shaped palette that contains five eye shadows and two highlighter shades. Sadly one of the highlighters broke apart during transit so that was a bummer, but I honestly don’t use highlighter that often anyways.


I added a little bit of it to the tip of my nose but you can’t really see it thanks to the angle. What I also discovered, is that thanks to the sun, the Makeup Revolution Fast Base foundation I reviewed before doesn’t match me. So I can’t use it until my very slight tan goes away. I was more red than tanned in this picture but you get the deal. A lot of the freckles are fake too, I just like to add some extra because mine are really uneven. But as you can see, the Eye shadows are really vibrant! I used a dry brush to apply the darkest green in the crease, and the same with the teal shade on the lid, and also a bit along the lower lash line, fading it out with the darker green. No primers, no water or anything, and it lasted for quite some hours. It would probably look even better with an eye shadow primer.


So yeah, I really like this little egg, and I would have loved for them to still have the older ones in stock. It only cost about £5 too so it wasn’t too expensive. Have you tried any of their eggs before? If so, what did you think of them? Were they pigmented like this one? I would love to know.

I just want to be comfortable


One thing I really dislike about summer is that I can’t wear any of my comfy, over sized hoodies. During autumn, winter and some of spring I basically just live in long tops and hoodies and I miss it so much. It’s too warm even at night, and we have basically had a heatwave going on here in Norway over the past week. Yesterday we had like 35 degrees Celsius around noon. That is way too much for me, especially when it’s not windy at all. I’m just glad it’s not really humid, because a tropical climate just isn’t for me. The heat kinda prevents me from spending time out in the garden too, and I miss getting my hands down in the dirt and taking care of the plants. There’s also no clouds in the sky, and I miss that! In the picture below, you can see what the sky usually looks like. I captured this in the middle of May, and I haven’t really seen any clouds since, it’s so strange.


At least I can have as many popsicles as I want to cool down, without feeling bad about it. I used to just have ice cream but after eating some too close to bedtime and feeling sick, I just don’t want it anymore. You know you’re old when you can’t just eat whenever anymore.. Oh well, how is the summer treating you? Do you even have summer yet? We usually only have it for like two weeks in July, leaving the rest of the year cold and gloomy.