May 2018 summary

Some things I have been loving this month, which includes

My immemorial year #1 & #2

Also known as “Withered + Sere” & “Crisped & Sere“, by TJ Klune. You can click the names to go to my reviews of the books. I really enjoyed them both, and they helped with bringing back my love of reading.

My new shelf


My dad helped me build this triangular shelf from some leftover wooden boards from my old queen sized bed. I stained them dark brown and made them look kinda distressed and rustic. I love the way it turned out.

The Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation


I don’t buy foundations often, because I tend to just use powders, but this one is amazing. I wrote a review of it, you should totally check it out. The best thing about it is that it only costs like £5. It’s so cheap! I can see it lasting for quite some time, plus it wont be too expensive to stock up on it.

Novelists – 5:12 AM


So that’s pretty much it! What have you been loving this month?


Why do people judge others based on music?

“Oh you listen to ______? That’s dumb.”

I’ve heard that and similar one too many times in my life. Why do people care? Music is supposed to be something you enjoy, something special to you. So what if not everyone shares your taste in music, is it really necessary to ridicule them? Music unites people, music works as therapy for some, while it’s a creative outlet for others. For me, whenever I feel like I’m close to an anxiety attack or a mental breakdown, I put on music that I know will calm me down and it helps so much every time. I have always been sensitive to loud noises and crowds of people talking so being able to put in a pair of earbuds and block it out is amazing. So what if I listen to kind of dark and gloomy indie music or rap one minute, and upbeat pop songs the next, it’s just what I want to listen to at that moment. I don’t care what others listen to, everyone decides their own happiness.

What do you think about people who judge others based on what they listen to?