Life update #2

I had a planned surgery on May 15th, and as far as I know, it went well. I’m currently spending most of my days on the couch with my feet up high, hoping the wound will heal quickly. I had to get a couple of stitches so I hope it’ll go well. Getting them removed at the end of the month so looking forward to that. I’ll probably be stuck with crutches or a light wheelchair for a long time but that’s fine with me. I just hope the wound will heal completely, I’ve had a chronic wound for almost two decades so if it goes away then that will be great.

Apart from that, I’ve actually been reading more lately! I think my love for reading got rekindled after I found a page where I could download a lot of PDF’s, so I got to explore new books and new genres. I’ve read through three books in just a few weeks so I feel really accomplished.

As for anything else, my life has been put on pause while I heal so I don’t get to do many physical things. I worked out a lot before the surgery but I can’t do that now since I can’t put any weight on my left foot. So any workout goals will have to wait.

I guess not too much has happened so there isn’t much to talk about. I’m just glad I’m finished with the surgery and I can’t wait to see how it turned out.


What I do on a rainy day

Lately it has been raining a lot, like it always does here in Norway when it’s spring and “summer”. I prefer to spend time outside in the little garden when I can but when it rains I have to resort to doing things inside, or in the garage. Here’s a few things I usually do when it rains and I can’t think of anything else to do.

DIY projects

I’ve been in love with all of these triangular shelves that I have seen on pinterest, and after throwing out my old bed, I was left with a lot of narrow planks from that thing holding up my mattress.. So I thought, why not stain them and build a shelf instead of buying one? So the boards are currently being stained, it could take a few days before that is done and I can build it. I could have just painted it but I love the look of those dark brown stained planks.



I always try to declutter as much as I can, I mostly want to have like a minimalist lifestyle but it’s difficult to get there.. Especially when you always see this one cute thing and it just can’t hurt to add it to your home. I’ve tried to reorganize my vanity and it’s drawers and I found a basket to add in one of them to organize cotton pads and other kind of pads and it’s working really well.


Read something

I have been in a reading slump over the past two months, but after finding a really neat site where I can find thousands of free PDF’s, I’ve gotten back into it. I first read through Ash Princess, and I’m currently reading one called Withered + Sere. It’s a post apocalyptic book reminding me of the Fallout series.

Make an elaborate lunch

When it rains it always makes me feel like I should spend some extra time on lunch to make it cozy and nice. I always seem to live a lot slower when it’s gloomy outside, I guess I enjoy it too much. Lately I’ve been loving keto salad bowls, packed with protein and fiber. This one contains zucchini, kale, cherry tomatoes, an egg and some bacon.. And it’s topped with a garlic dressing.


Do laundry

Laundry is such a boring task so just throwing something in the washer or changing my sheets is an easy task when the day is already kinda boring since I’m stuck inside in the rain. At least I get to feel like I’m doing something useful while I’m waiting for it to finish.

Play video games

I haven’t been too into gaming recently, but I did play through and finish the Bioshock series. It was an emotional roller coaster and I love the games to bits. After I finished them, I haven’t really found a game that I’m too interested in, that’s probably why I have been wanting to read.

So yeah, that’s mostly what I would do on a rainy day. what do you usually do when the weather isn’t as great?