“Bird Box” review

18498558.jpg“Bird box” is a dystopian novel written by Josh Malerman. I wasn’t familiar with him, but he’s apparently in the rock band “The High Strung”. In the novel we follow the story of Malorie, and eventually her two children. In the present, it’s all three of them, in the past we follow the events leading up to their birth and how they got to the situation they’re in now.

In the past it is dark, it’s creepy and no one can ever open their eyes. It begins with people mysteriously dying or committing suicide from observing something unknown. People begin boarding up their windows, wearing blindfolds.. They eventually stop going outside, growing food in their yards, gathering water from a well while still blindfolded. It’s not a great situation to be in. Malorie loses her sister to suicide, and seeks out shelter with other people after finding an offer to help. The life in that house seems normal at first but then it just gets weird. They acquire dogs, guard birds, then Gary shows up. I definitely don’t like Gary.

Gary escalates things super quick. I don’t want to say anything about him because that’ll ruin the suspense, but he’s so creepy. The action builds up more and more until you’re about 3 quarters of the way through the book and then it kinda flatlines. I’ve noticed that with most of the dystopian novels I read that they kinda end “too well”. Things sort themselves out and it feels kinda lackluster. It’s not a terrible ending, but it was not as exciting as I expected it to be, with the way it built up. It is creepy, definitely, but just not what I expected.

Bird box is not a bad novel, I read it fairly quickly because it was so thrilling that I didn’t want to put it down. So if you enjoy dystopian novels, I’d recommend this one for sure. Just don’t expect too much from the ending. If you do, you would probably end up feeling slightly disappointed. I gave it 5/5 on Goodreads because it was really engaging 95% of the time.


Face Mask Friday – June 15th 2018

So, this is a series that has been dead for a while, like a year and a half to be exact. The originals don’t exist on my blog anymore but I recently acquired quite a few face masks and I thought it could be fun to review them. The series might take a break now and then, as I don’t want to buy things purely for a review, I would rather just review things if I have them on hand. This will be posted bi-weekly for now, so I can spend some time truly testing these out and not have to rush it.. So without further ado, here’s the first mask of this revival.


( Costs 19 NOK at Lyko.no, roughly equals to $2 )


Here’s three things I need to say straight away:

  1. Its VERY golden. And very thick, it was really difficult to apply it to the face.
  2. It does not heat up so not sure why the website claimed it was self heating.
  3. it WILL hurt like a bitch, this is one of those painful peel off masks. It will rip out the hairs on your face.

DSC_0632I love the color of this mask, and from reading the package it does sound really good. It took some time to apply it, it’s very thick and rubbery, kind of reminds me of the texture of chewing gum.. Not that I have ever rubbed chewing gum on my face but you know what I mean. (I hope you do at least). On the packaging it said to apply it rather thin on the face, but thicker towards the edges to make it easier to peel. Then leave it on for 15-20 minutes, or until it dries completely. From experience, the longer you keep it on, the better because it’s barely possible to get it off if it’s still kinda wet.

I was not prepared for how it would feel to peel this one off once it had dried. You can see on my cheeks that it was applied in a very thin layer but it still hurt like heck. It did remove most of the blackheads on my nose but honestly, with how painful it was, it’s not even worth it, and I still have 4 single use packs left that I have no idea what to do with. Not only did this hurt, it left my face looking so incredibly red that it looked sunburned. I had to apply some cooling Aloe Vera to help my skin but it still took hours before it was back to “normal”. It was still red and hurt quite a bit the day after.

So.. Would I recommend this one? Not really. Unless you enjoy the pain that comes with these peel off masks.. If you do, then go for it, it does cleanse your skin and remove blackheads but for me it was not worth it.. at all.

Have you tried this mask before?

“The Winter People” review

18007535The Winter People is a novel written by Jennifer McMahon. It is set in the city of West Hall, Vermont, and it follows the story of someone both in the past, and the present. There isn’t a singular narrative in it, because it switches from character to character, but it is very easy to follow, because it switches at the beginning of a new chapter so you don’t have to keep track of it yourself.

The main focus of the novel is on Sara Harrison Shea, she was found dead in the field in front of her house in 1908, completely skinned.  Her diary was found under the floor boards in her old house in more recent times and the family now living there has to somehow solve the mystery of her death and find out where the missing pieces from the diary is located. These missing pages conveniently contain information about how to bring people back from the dead. The house is located close to a rock formation called the Devil’s hand and guess what? It contains some sort of portal where the dead can return if you perform some grotesque ritual. In recent times we follow the story of Ruthie, whose mother has gone missing. It is her that finds the journal and realizes that her mother’s disappearance must have something to do with that woman.

All of the different stories that we follow converge in the end, although they can seem a bit too coincidental, they merge somewhat well. What I didn’t like about the novel though, is that the ending works out a bit too well, if that makes sense. It’s as if someone snapped their fingers and suddenly everything was back to normal. It could have done with a more implied end, leaving me with a sense of wonder and mystery instead of just plainly say that this and that happened and that all is well. It was a decent novel though, and I rated it 3/5 stars on Goodreads. It’s not the best novel I have read, but definitely not the worst.

Playing through my steam library #3 – B part two

I got the idea for this from a series on YouTube called Steam Train where they try to play through everything on their steam account. I have way too many games anyways so it is a bit ambitious of me to take this one but I’ll give it a go. I won’t be playing through sandbox/strategy games because some of them never end, and it would take ages. So, I suppose this is just notes for myself, so I can look back and see which games I did play, which ones I enjoyed and not. If I didn’t like the game, I have most likely removed it from my steam library for good so this will be like a cleanup too.

Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain

Image result for blood omen 2 legacy of kain steam

This wouldn’t launch at first, and when I did get it to launch properly, it kept crashing on the intro screen. So the game is probably too old to work on Win10 or any of the compatibility modes. 0/10

Book of legends

Image result for book of legends steam

This was one of the first puzzle games I ever played through fully. It’s a hidden object and puzzle game in one. It’s not too varied, and the ending was kinda a cliffhanger but I do have fond memories of it. I’ll give it a 6/10, for nostalgia’s sake.

The book of unwritten tales

Image result for the book of unwritten tales steam

This is a point and click adventure game, and it’s one of the largest I have played in the genre. It has about 20 hours of gameplay, and a looot of puzzles and items that you need to combine so it’ll keep you busy for a long time. The graphics are quite good, the dialogue is quite humorous, I’d give it an 8/10 because no game is perfect.

The book of unwritten tales: The critter chronicles

Image result for the book of unwritten tales the critter chronicles steam

This is set to be a prequel to the previous game. Ironically I accidentally played this first anyways, even though I bought the other one first. It has the same kind of style, but follows a different story, the character in this you meet later in the other game. I have to give this the same rating as the other, because it’s just as good. 8/10.

Borderlands 2

Image result for borderlands 2 steam

This is an open word first person shooter, and I think the series is most known for it’s cel shading visuals. It’s kinda cartoon-y, but still not at the same time and I think it’s a really good game. I’m not exactly good at FPS games, but this one is quite enjoyable and not too difficult, the story lines are quite humorous too. I’ll give it a 8/10.

Borderlands: The pre-sequel

Image result for borderlands  the pre sequel steam

This was released after B2, but the story is set between Borderlands and Borderlands 2, and it focuses on the antagonist from B2, Handsome Jack. It plays pretty much the same way as the previous games. So if you liked Borderlands 2, you will like this. It’s also worthy of a 8/10.


Image result for botanicula steam

This is a point and click adventure game following the story of five cute little creatures. They all live in a magical tree but a spider like monster is sucking the life out of it so you have to find the last seed to replant the tree. The visuals are stunning, and although the puzzles can be a bit tricky, it’s a really good game. I’ll give it a 7/10.

The Bridge

Image result for the bridge steam

This is a hand drawn, black and white puzzle game. Gravity plays a big part of the puzzles since you have to rotate the world in different directions to reach your goal. It is fairly well made for being an indie game and I’ve had lots of fun with it. 7/10.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpents Curse

Image result for broken sword 5 steam

When I first purchased this in a bundle, I expected it to be a RPG from the title, but it is another point and click adventure game. You investigate the theft of a painting and use the mouse to navigate around. It looks fairly well made, and figuring things out can be quite challenging. I have, however, played better point and click games. 6/10.

Brothers: A tale of two sons

Image result for brothers a tale of two sons steam

This game is very interesting, because you control two characters at once. It’s recommended to play with a plugged in controller to make it easier. It follows the story of two brothers, and the in game language isn’t “real”, so to say, so you mostly just see the visuals. It’s a beautiful but sad game. 8/10.

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Image result for bully steam

In this game you play as Jimmy Hopkins, a guy trying to rise in the ranks in his school, Bullworth Academy. It’s fairly open world but you also complete missions, whether its beating someone up or finishing classes. I think the game is a lot of fun, and even if it’s an older game (released in 2006), it’s still considered a good game now. 8/10.

Have you played any of these games?


Feelosophy Xotic Soothing Face Mask

Feelosophy is an in-store brand for one of the Pharmacy chains here in Norway, Apotek1. I usually buy sheet masks but this was on sale for 10 NOK (a bit over a dollar) so I thought like “why not”. If it didn’t work out, it wouldn’t have been too much of a loss anyways since it was so cheap. Most masks like these that I’ve seen cost around 25 NOK.

This one in particular smells like strawberries and vanilla. The consistency is very thick, but the coloring was a bit odd. It was as if it had a slight metallic sheen, or well, you know the color regular chewing gum ends up with? It looked a bit strange. It did smell quite nice though, and it’s meant to be soothing for the skin, something I found it to be.  It says on the package to keep it on the face for 10-15 minutes, I had it on for the full 15 and it made my skin feel kind of weird. It tingled a little bit, I’m not sure if a soothing mask is supposed to do that. It didn’t really turn red, but after I washed it off, my skin felt kind of tight. I had to put on a moisturizer afterwards for it to turn back to ‘normal’.

It’s not a bad mask, by all means, but it’s not the best I’ve ever tried. There are others, both from H&M or a shop called VITA that are around the same price range as this is without the discount, and those work a lot better. This one is meant to be a weekly/bi weekly treatment but I don’t think that I will try it again since it made my skin feel so tight. It doesn’t really claim to be overly hydrating but it shouldn’t make my skin react in that way honestly.

Have you tried any good face masks lately? Where did you buy them from and how did they work for you?