When you want to quit your diet

So over the past year I’ve pretty much been trying to only eat vegetarian and it has gone pretty well.. Until my doctor says I’m awfully malnourished, my metabolism is all out of whack, and that I either need to get some surgery to lose weight or try to do the keto diet. I don’t want to have any more surgeries so I chose keto, and MAN is it difficult. I can’t have bread, can’t have potatoes, or rice… Not even most fruits.. The keto flu sucks but luckily tea helps.. I can’t even have a teaspoon of sugar in my tea! I’ve had so many eggs that I feel like I’m 10% eggs now. I’m tired of my head feeling foggy and I don’t have too much energy yet. I’m a bit over two weeks in and I hope it gets easier soon. All I want to do is to eat bread forever.. Hopefully I’ll end up not wanting to eat bread ever again.

Have you done any sort of diet like keto or similar? How did you get through it? I think the worst part for me is the brain fog.. and cravings for savory snacks. I could probably make something but i don’t really know what.